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Image Control Environment (ICE)
‚ÄčICE helps you create and maintain a highly available, safer and more secure IT environment for your business applications. Key components include Image FOCUS, The Control Editor and IPLCheck.

IFO provides the capability to perform inspections of an IPL and determine if there are any risks, problems or points of failure within the use of the configuration datasets and members for any version of z/OS.
The Control Editor (TCE)

TCE is a next generation change management tool that provides not only automation for tasks often associated with change activity but also extends the controls and security of legacy ESM products such as RACF, CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret.

IPLCheck works with the IBM Health Checker for z/OS to automatically determine the IPL structure used to start the LPAR on which it is active and will inspect that structure again to determine the integrity of the process so if a new IPL was attempted it would be successful.

ICE OPER provides capabilities in parallel to TCE by adding additional control and security over operator commands. It also provides access security to commands and enforce the use of descriptors for documentation. Email notification, SEIM interface, and the updating of CLOUD based reporting when commands are used is also provided.