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AE2 - Learn about the configuration settings for each of the primary external security managers, how they were originally set, and how the authors of these eBooks have attempted to capture what they should be currently set to, with both the why and why not. 
AE2 - zAuditing Essentials - Volume 2 - Taming RACF - SETROPTS
AE2 - zAuditing Essentials - Volume 2 - Mastering CA ACF2 - GSO
AE2 - zAuditing Essentials - Volume 2 - Controlling CA Top Secret

AE1 - The IODF is the central configuration file for z Systems. Settings outlined.
AE1 - zAuditing Essentials - Volume 1- zEnterprise Hardware

V2R3 - What's New in z/OS V2R3     These are "Cliff's Notes" type eBooks 
V2R2 - What's New in z/OS V2R2      detailing what's coming in the
V2R1 - What's New in z/OS V2R1      latest releases of z/OS.

CICS - This eBook provides a wealth of information about CICS, its operations and its resources and capabilities along with guidelines and recommendations.
CICS Essentials - Auditing CICS - A Beginner's Guide
​CICS has its own security but does not cover many internal policies or legal compliance requirements. Recommendations are provided.
CICS Best Practices
CICS security is quite complex with many layers and facets. Learn the sophisticated way CICS exploits SAF Classes.
CICS Alphabet Soup

ESM - Comprehensive visualization of all available symbols used to define ESM passwords. RACF is complete; CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret - coming soon.
SYM - The Visualization of Symbols Used to Define the format of RACF Passwords

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"Today, I had the opportunity to use the information in that publication during a conference call with some auditors. Without knowing the details of what we were going to be discussing, this proved to be extremely valuable when going through several of our ESM control option settings. This eBook saved us hours of time, since we had most of the information they were looking for at our finger tips." 
-- Senior Systems Software Engineer