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Glenn Anderson
IBM Corporation
Glenn Anderson is a Consulting IT Specialist with the z/OS Curriculum of IBM Training. In addition to delivering classes on performance, WebSphere and security, Glenn is a popular speaker at large systems conferences throughout the world. During his over 30 years with IBM, Glenn has held positions in sales, technical support and management. His current areas of focus include WebSphere for z/OS, on demand security, SOA and cloud computing, the z/OS Workload Manager, and all aspects of System z, zEnterprise, and Parallel Sysplex performance. Glenn holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Missouri University of Science and Technology. In his private life, Glenn is active in Chicago area theater as a member of an improvisational acting troupe. 
Presentations for The z Exchange

May 2018
Top New z/OS Performance Functions

March 2016
Understanding z Systems Cloud Technology Options

September 2015
Connect the Dots - z13 and z/OS Dispatching Update

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