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Slide Decks

The z Exchange has been blessed by the cooperation of the leading experts and thought leaders in the z Community. 

This is a partial list of z Exchange presenters. Follow their links to access their slide decks and recorded webcasts.
Al Saurette - MainTegrity Inc.
Angelo Corridori - Marist College + IDCP
Bob Rogers - IBM (Retired)
Carla Flores - CA Technologies
Chad Rikansrud - RSM Partners
Chris Meyer - IBM
David Hayes - US GAO - Retired
Elpida Tzortzatos - IBM
Eric Rosenfeld - IBM
Eysha Shirrine Powers - IBM
Frank Kyne - Watson and Walker
Glenn Anderson - IBM
Glennon Bagsby - NewEra Software
Greg Boyd - MainframeCrypto
Greg Daynes - IBM (Retired)
Gus Kassimis - IBM
IBM z Systems Documentation
James Vincent - SHARE President
Jeff Cherrington - CA Technologies
Jim Buck - imPower Technologies
John Bouzakis - IBM
John Eells - IBM
John Petreshock - IBM
John Pinkowski - CA Technologies
Julie Bergh - J & S Consulting
Julie-Ann Williams - millennia...
Leanne Wilson - RSM Partners

Lee Daniels - IBM
Lin Overby - IBM
Lizette Koehler - Safeway
Mark Nelson - IBM
Mark Wilson - RSM Partners
Marna Walle - IBM
Mike Fulton - IBM
Misty Decker - IBM
Paul Rauchet - CA Technologies
Paul Robichaux - NewEra Software
Phil Noplos - AMEX - Retired
Peter Relson - IBM
Philip Young - Soldier of Fortran
Ray Overby - Key Resources, Inc.
Richard Faulhaber - NewEra Software
Ross Cooper - IBM Corporation
Steve Warren - IBM
Steven Ringelberg - Ringelberg & Associates
Stu Henderson - the Henderson Group
Thomas Cosenza - IBM
Tom Conley - Pinnacle Consulting Group