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Julie Bergh

Presentations for The z Exchange

April 2022
z/OS 2.5 Security Updates
April 2022
Keys, Keys, Keys... Cryptographic Keys
May 2021
UNIX System Services Setup
June 2021
SDSF Security - Part 2
April 2021
SDSF Security Introduction
April 2021
UNIX Basic Security Setup
October 2020
Dataset Encryption: Just Do It!
September 2020
z/OSMF 2.4 Security Setup User Experiences
August 2020
z/OSMF 2.4 Security Setup
July 2020
Digital Certificates 101
June 2020
Did You Set It and Forget It?
June 2020
MQ Security Basics
April 2020
z/OS Container Extensions from a Security Perspective
March 2020
z/OSMF Security Setup Overview
December 2018
Crypto Nerds Talk Pervasive Encryption
January 2018
What is GDPR and Why Do I Care?
August 2016
Multi-Factor Authentication
August 2016
RACF Update
October 2015
Compare/Contrast ESMs

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An experienced security professional, Julie Bergh holds these credentials: CISSP-ISSMP and CBCP, and has years of expertise in creating / architecting security solutions on z Systems, with experience in RACF, CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret.