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This Month's Webcast Schedule

Another full slate of webcasts for NewEra products, 
including four new z Exchange webcasts.

LINK to z Exchange Presenters' Slides and Recordings

Tuesdays at 12 pm Eastern (9 am Pacific)
Are You Doing All You Can to Protect Your Critical z/OS Datasets and Files?

Tuesdays at 2 pm Eastern (11 am Pacific)
Cybersecurity - A New Look at Network Defenses in Depth vs a La Carte!

Wednesdays at 2 pm Eastern (11 am Pacific)
*MYICE Training

Tuesday, May 12 at 12 pm Eastern (9 am Pacific)
Say What? Tips and Tricks for Connecting and Communicating - Part 3 of 4
Glenn Anderson offers tips and techniques for more effective communications. Are you a confusing communicator? Do you feel like you are trying your best ​to communicate, but no one seems to understand you?
Miscommunication and an absence of understanding can result in problems large and small. Glenn has been communicating all his life as an IBM instructor and speaker, and part-time improv actor. He will share his ideas and tips in this series of entertaining and useful webcasts.
​On May 12, Glenn will tell us how to connect with people by gifting them with your favorable attention and having meaningful conversations.

Thursday, May 14 at 12 pm EDT (9 am PDT)
Modernizing Mainframe Security for the Future
Presenter: Chris Perry - BMC Software
Despite 40 years of being called "unhackable," the mainframe is truly just another TCP/IP connected computer in the enterprise and often susceptible to the worst vulnerability - complacency . During this webcast, we will go over threats to the mainframe and security best practices with a deep dive into modern detection and response techniques that will enable the security operations center to catch and secure malicious activity before a breach becomes catastrophic.

Wednesday, May 27 at 12 pm EDT (9 am PDT)
Hardware Crypto - Part 1
Presenter: Greg Boyd - Mainframe Crypto
This is Part 1 of a 2 Part session on the Crypto hardware technology that is available on IBM Z. This month we’ll talk about some of the terminology that IBM uses, which is unique to the crypto world and we’ll talk about the CP Assist for Cryptographic Function that comes built into the CEC. Next time, in Part 2, we’ll focus on the Crypto Express cards.

Thursday, May 28 at 12 pm EDT (9 am PDT)
Digital Certificate Basics
Presenter: Jamieson Walker - Broadcom
Back to the basics on digital certificates. Conceptually easy to understand yet we can get twisted when implementing. Come learn and ask questions about the technology behind digital certificates and how to manage them on your mainframe.

For technology to be useful, it must be understood.
It is this understanding of z/OS that is the mission of The z Exchange.