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This Month's Webcast Schedule
NewEra Software Webcasts
Monitoring z/OS TCP/IP Network Defenses - Tuesdays at 12 pm ET  (9 am PST)
Preparing for Your Next Release of z/OS - Tuesdays at 2 pm ET (11 am PT)
A Head's Up on S047 - Thursday, June 20 at 12 pm EDT and 2 pm EDT
ICE Tips and Tricks - Thursday, June 27 at 12 pm EDT & 2 pm EDT​
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Tuesdays at 12 pm EDT (9 am PDT)
Monitoring z/OS TCP/IP Network Defenses
Paul Robichaux - Presenter
The integration of Image FOCUS (IFO) and The Control Editor (TCE) enhances the Policy Management Services you are using to attain Best Practices in support of the IBM Communication Server for z/OS - Policy Management Agent, its Suite of Security Services and related Daemons – collectively called PAGENT.
In this webcast, you will be introduced to the PAGENT Inspector and the advantages you will inherit from its full integration into the NewEra Integrity Controls Environment (ICE). They include: 
  • Automatic discovery of PAGENT Startup JCL and referenced Configuration Files
  • Full IFO Inspection and initial TCE Backup of all discovered Configuration Files
  • Capture/Recording of all Configuration updates in TCE Journals, no matter the source
  • Automatic Creation of Configuration Versioning, Restore Points and Audits Trails
  • Full integration into the Image FOCUS Workbench, Background and Batch Inspections
  • Full integration into the IBM Health Checker for z/OS and TCE Interval Detectors
  • Notification of Inspection Findings and/or Configuration Changes via Email or TEXT
  • Finally, the scope of this new Inspector includes the Daemons: IKED, NSSD and DMD.

Tuesdays at 2 pm EDT (11 am PDT)
Preparing for Your Next Upgrade of z/OS
Presenter - Richard Faulhaber - NewEra Software, Inc.​
Get the tips, tricks and resources to help you move to your next release of z/OS.

Thursday, June 27 at 12 pm EDT (9 am PDT) and 2 pm EDT (11 am PDT)
ICE Tips and Tricks
Presenter - Paul Robichaux - NewEra Software, Inc.
As a user of the Integrity Controls Environment (ICE), you have access to a very capable and unique set of services and tools to help manage your z/OS environment. But are you fully aware of the new features and benefits that are available within ICE? Did you know there are now commands that allow for fast access to information and data collected by the ICE applications and services? There are also new inspection points to ensure operational readiness and accuracy of your IPL configuration, including more analysis to such areas as CSA usage and your External Security Manager, and user activity. 

Thursday, June 13 - 2 pm EDT (11 am PDT)​
IBM Z Channels Architecture and Management Intro
Presenter - Lee Daniels - IBM​
IBM mainframe I/O connectivity development is briefly reviewed to provide a framework for discussing the current channels architecture and how channel paths are defined, displayed and managed. This can help one understand I/O definitions, operations, and problem determination.​