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This Month's Webcast Schedule
NewEra Software Webcasts

ICE/PSWD - Discussion and Demo - Tuesdays at 12 pm EST  (9 am PST)
Preparing for Your Next Release of z/OS - Tuesdays at 2 pm EST (11 am PST)
ICE Update - Thursdays at 2 pm ET (11 am PT)
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December webcasts
Tuesdays at 12 pm EST (9 am PST)
ICE/PSWD - Discussion and Demo
Presenter - Paul Robichaux - NewEra Software, Inc.
The recent Verizon DBI* Report reveals that 81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak user passwords? Now is the time to enlist your User Community in the common-sense defense of the z/OS mainframe perimeter. Find out how NewEra’s latest suite of tools - ICE/PSWD - can bridge that gap between your security environment and your users, especially your Privileged Users. 
* Source: Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report

Tuesdays at 2 pm EST (11 am PST)
Preparing for Your Next Upgrade of z/OS
Presenter - Richard Faulhaber - NewEra Software, Inc.​
If you haven't already started, you may be planning for the next upgrade of z/OS. Get the tips, tricks and resources to help you move to your next release of z/OS.

Thursdays at 2 pm ET (11 am PT)
ICE Update
Presenter - Paul Robichaux - NewEra Software, Inc.
We all fear something! Generally, an event that is unplanned for, something that takes us by surprise and knocks us off “Our Game”. As a z/OS professional, you know exactly what the impact of such an unimagined, unforeseen event can have of the operational integrity and Data security of your IT environment. What to do? We suggest you focus on building up your z/OS defenses in depth, for better protection, better detection.

In this 30-minute webcast, we will introduce you to “Active Measures” (AM), a set of unique z/OS system management tools that extend your perimeter user authentication methodology to better guard against unauthorized access to authorized programs. We believe your users are an untapped resource; “AM” gets them involved in the defense of z/OS.

Wednesday, December 12 - 2 pm EST (11 am PST)
Crypto Nerds Discuss Pervasive Encryption
Greg Boyd (MainframeCrypto) and Julie Bergh (J&S Consulting) - Presenters
These self-described Crypto Nerds are using responses to this survey to discuss Pervasive Encryption. Take the survey and then join the presenters to discuss the findings.

Thursday, December 13 - 2 pm EST (11 am PST)
Who's Using What Network Encryption on your z/OS System? zERT to the Rescue!
Chris Meyer - IBM
With so much attention on cryptographic protection of data in flight, as well as weaknesses discovered in existing cryptographic protocols and algorithms, z/OS administrators and auditors need to be able to assess the quality of the cryptographic network protection being applied to their z/OS workloads. But with so many protocols and so many ways to configure and use them, this assessment can be daunting if not downright impossible. 

This session describes z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT), a new feature of z/OS V2R3 Communications Server that provides z/OS network security administrators the data they need to understand how and which of their z/OS network traffic is cryptographically protected. We will look at what is available today and some new capabilities that will be available soon to make it much easier to access and use the data that zERT provides.