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This Month's Webcast Schedule
January Webcasts
Another full slate of webcasts for NewEra products, including two product announcement webcasts on Thursday, January 30th and new z Exchange webcasts.

LINK to z Exchange Presenters' Slides and Recordings

Wednesdays at 12 pm EST (9 am PST)
Preparing for Your Next Upgrade of z/OS
With the release of z/OS V2R4, you’re likely planning for an upgrade. Whether you’re planning to put in the latest and greatest, or perhaps an older release level, you’ll need to know which datasets, settings and configurations will need to be changed. What will you need to move and what can you leave behind?

NewEra Software’s Integrity Controls Environment (ICE) has the tools to help you get the answers to those questions, and many more, about your z/OS configuration. Attend our webcast to learn how ICE can help you save time and money in your planning for your next z/OS upgrade.

Wednesdays at 2 pm EST (11 am PST)
Protecting Your Critical UNIX Files on z/OS
UNIX files have become more prevalent within the z/OS platform. Changes made to them could potentially affect the operational integrity of the applications that require them. Naturally, they’re protected by your ESM product, but what if a change is made by a valid user? When are you informed of that change? Who gets informed of the change? Are backups or recovery points created when such changes happen? Can you tell if the change was made to the content of the file or to the Permissions assigned to the file, or both? 

See how the Integrity Controls Environment (ICE) can provide extra levels of protection to your most critical UNIX files.

Tuesday, January 14 at 12 pm EST (9 am PST)
Up Your Game with Glenn Anderson
Glenn wraps up this series of webcasts with a couple of change leadership case studies.

Tuesday, January 21 at 12 pm EST (9 am PST)
Auditing Essentials – Vol 3 – Securing z/OSFM 
Are you using z/OSMF to configure and maintain your z/OS environment? Since its introduction, the installation and setup of z/OSMF itself has evolved, simplifying the process. Despite this, the security setup of z/OSMF continues to confound some. In this webcast, we will discuss the new publication of AE Vol 3 – Securing z/OSMF which describes the setup and configuration of this most essential part of z/OSMF.

For technology to be useful, it must be understood.
It is this understanding of z/OS that is the mission of The z Exchange.