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Bob Rogers
Presentations for The z Exchange
December 2021
Addressing the Installation Exits Problem
August 2021
IBM Mainframe Performance Innovation
October 2020
The Rime of the Ancient Mainframer
January 2018
Understanding Meltdown and Spectre​
April 2017
​z/OS 2.3 Sysprog Goody Bag (April 11, 2017)
z/OS 2.3 Sysprog Goody Bag (April 19, 2017)
June 2016
The History of Virtualization
September 2015
Understanding Simultaneous MultiThreading (SMT) on z Systems
​January 2015
New Technology for System z - SMT

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Bob Rogers worked on mainframe system software for 43 years at IBM before retiring as a Distinguished Engineer in 2012. He started with IBM as a computer operator in 1969. After receiving a B.A. in mathematics from Marist College two years later, he became a computer programmer at the IBM Poughkeepsie Programming Center, where he worked on the OS/360 OS. Rogers continued to work on mainframe OS development for his entire career at IBM. He contributed to the transitions to XA-370 and ESA/370, and was lead software designer for the transition to the 64-bit z/Architecture. More recently, he implemented the support for single z/OS images with more than 16 CPUs and was a lead designer of the z/OS support for the zAAP and zIIP specialty engines. He has been a popular and frequent speaker at SHARE for many years.