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Eysha Shirrine Powers
IBM Corporation
Eysha Shirrine Powers is a Cryptographic Software Designer and Developer with 14 years of experience in IBM z Systems Cryptography and Security. 

Eysha Shirrine has a passion for cryptography and has been designing and developing crypto software for z/OS Integrated Cryptographic Services Facility (ICSF) for 9+ years. Eysha Shirrine created and maintains the IBM Crypto Education online community and regularly presents at SHARE, IBMTechU, Vanguard and other conferences.
Presentations for The z Exchange

March 2022
Key Management Strategies

May 2021
Crypto Lockdown

November 2018
The Encryption Pyramid

April 2018
A Guided Tour of Policy-Based Data Set Encryption

​May 2018
Data Set Key Management Fundamentals - Part 1
Data Set Key Management Fundamentals - Part 2
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