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Greg Boyd
Greg Boyd is a Certified Information Systems Security Specialist (CISSP). Retired from IBM, Greg has started his own consulting firm, MainframeCrypto, to provide consulting and technical assistance for implementing cryptographic solutions. Greg spent his last 10 years with IBM providing support for the System z Cryptographic hardware and software for Washington Systems Center. He assisted customers with installation and technical questions and regularly presents at conferences such as SHARE, IBM's zTechnical University and the Vanguard Security and Compliance Conference.

Presentations for the z Exchange

August 2023
Data Set Encryption - An Update
May 2023
z16 Crypto Performance
February 2023
Key Labeling
November 2022
z/OS Key Management Solutions for non-z/OS Folks
August 2022
Key Management Solutions
May 2022
Key Rotation
February 2022
Transporting Crypto Keys
November 2021
Crypto Update - An Alternative View
August 2021
Database Encryption
May 2021
ICSF - Part 2 of 2
February 2021
ICSF - Part 1 of 2
November 2020
Crypto Performance - z15 Version
October 2020
Dataset Encryption: Just Do It!
August 2020
Hardware Crypto - Part 2 of 2
May 2020
Hardware Crypto - Part 1 of 2
February 2020
Intro to Crypto
November 2019
Crypto Update
August 2019
Intro to Crypto
May 2019
Key Rotation - Which? When? Who? How?
February 2019
December 2018
Crypto Nerds Talk Pervasive Encryption
August 2018
Trusted Key Entry
June 2018
Securing Your Crypto Infrastructure
February 2018
HCR77C1 - An Update on the Latest Version of ICSF
November 2017
Pervasive Encryption - Are You Ready?
June 2017
Crypto for CIOs (and the Rest of Us)
May 2017
Crypto for CIOs (and the Rest of Us)
April 2017
Policy-Based Data Set Encryption
January 2017
ICSF HCR77C0 and z/OS 2.2 Enhancements
November 2016
Database Encryption
October 2016
IBM Key Management
July 2016
ISCF Keys and KGUP
May 2016
z13s and ICSF HCR77B1
March 2016
Crypto Coding on z/OS
January 2016
Trusted Key Entry Workstation - Part 2 of 2
December 2015                                                                                         Trusted Key Entry Workstation - Part 1 of 2                 
November 2015
System SSL and Crypto                                                                            

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