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Mark Wilson
The majority of Mark’s 35+ years of Technical IT experience is focused on IBM mainframe systems, where he performs as an Architect, Technician and Project Manager. Mark’s specialty is IT Security, in particular z/OS and associated subsystem (CICS, DB2, MQ, etc) security with RACF, ACF2 or Top Secret installed. Mark has recently been awarded several best speaker awards at SHARE, Vanguard Security Conference, GSE UK Annual conference. Mark is also currently Chairman of the GSE Large Systems Working Group and Technical Co-Coordinator of the GSE Enterprise Security working group 
Presentation for The z Exchange

December 2015
What Tools do You Need to Secure Your Mainframe System?
September 2015
Mainframe Security Hardware Issues
July 2015
Subsystem Security
May 2015
UNIX System Services (USS) Security
March 2015
How Do You Hack a Mainframe System?
February 2015
When You Want to Hack, Where Do You Start?
January 2015
Introduction to Mainframe Security

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