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Mark Wilson
Mark has an extensive background in all things system z. His specialties include: z/OS Consulting and Systems Programming, zSeries security, particularly, Security Assessments and Penetration Testing.

He is a thought leader and international speaker in mainframe security and technology, IBM Champion and passionate advocate of all things Z.

Mark leads the Global BMC Mainframe Services Team.

With over four decades of experience in IBM Z across diverse sectors and environments, Mark has worked in both hands-on technical and strategic roles.

Additionally, Mark is Guide Share Europe (GSE) UK Region and conference Manager.
Presentation for The z Exchange

August 2021
The Role of the Systems Programmer in Protecting the Mainframe
December 2015
What Tools do You Need to Secure Your Mainframe System?
September 2015
Mainframe Security Hardware Issues
July 2015
Subsystem Security
May 2015
UNIX System Services (USS) Security
March 2015
How Do You Hack a Mainframe System?
February 2015
When You Want to Hack, Where Do You Start?
January 2015
Introduction to Mainframe Security

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