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Reg Harbeck
Reg Harbeck, MA, has been an IBM Z Champion since 2020, and is a and self-described “Mainframe Nerd” who has been working in IT and mainframes for over three decades. During that time, he has worked with operating systems, networks, computing security, middleware, applications and platforms ranging from Apple ][ and MS-DOS PCs to leading edge IBM Z Mainframes. Reg has written, presented, podcasted and consulted on mainframe-related matters around the world, visiting every continent but Antarctica (so far…), and is very involved in the mainframe culture and ecosystem, including the SHARE Board and zNextGen and SECurity projects, as well as CMG, GSE, and other geographically-aligned mainframe user groups. In 2011, Reg co-founded Mainframe Analytics ltd., where he is the Chief Strategist. And in 2021, Reg completed his Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Humanities (Philosophy, English, and History) with a particular focus on the humanity of the IBM mainframe.
Presentations for The z Exchange

June 2021
A Mainframe Security Rosetta Stone
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