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White Papers
Superheroes of The z Exchange Includes:

Barry Schrager and the Beginning of Data Security - Julie-Ann Williams - millennia...

Cheryl Watson - Ahead of the Performance Curve - Julie-Ann Williams - millennia...

Mark Nelson - A Man of Many Talents... and RACF is Just One of Them

​Bob Rogers - "Western Civilisation Still Runs on MVS" - Julie-Ann Williams - millennia...

Other White Papers

The History of SMF - Barry Merrill compiled an amazing history of SMF.

HMC Interview Notes

Iron Giant - Q&A with the Father of Mainframe Security - Scott Berinato - CSO Online

TCE/RBAC White Paper - Paul Robichaux - NewEra Software, Inc.

Runtime Diagnostics (RTD) Project - Paul Robichaux - NewEra Software, Inc.

These documents provide valuable information on aspects of all things z. Some pay tribute to industry giants. Enjoy!