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Julie-Ann Williams
Julie-Ann Williams has been messing around with IBM mainframe computers for most of the last 30 years. She has been helping Customers to get ready for external audits since 1987. She has an unusual blend of skills encompassing detailed, classic mainframe knowledge (don’t call it legacy!) as well as "newer" technologies like WebSphere, TCP/IP and UNIX combined with communications abilities and Mentoring. She’s pretty sure that the last two used to be called having a chat with your colleagues in the good old days.

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September 2016
Applying DISA STIGs to Your ESM - 9/26/16
Applying DISA STIGs to Your ESM - 10/4/16

eBooks and White Papers written for The z Exchange

Julie-Ann Williams and her team at Millennia... have written eBooks and White Papers  for The z Exchange members. They are available for download HERE and include:

  • zAuditing Essentials - Volume 1 - zEnterprise Hardware
  • zAuditing Essentials - Volume 2 - Taming RACF - SETROPTS
  • zAuditing Essentials - Volume 2 - Mastering CA ACF2 - GSO
  • zAuditing Essentials - Volume 2 - Controlling CA Top Secret
  • CICS Essentials
  • CICS Best Practices
  • CICS Alphabet Soup

Williams has also written profiles of three of our industry's giants. They are available HERE and include:
  • Barry Schrager and the Beginning of Data Security
  • Cheryl Watson - Ahead of the Performance Curve
  • Bob Rogers - "Western Civilisation Still Runs on MVS"

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